Welcome to the Merrow Residents’ Association.

  The Merrow Residents’ Association (MRA) has been in existence for over 50 years and provides a focus for Merrow (a village near Guildford in Surrey) on the community, environmental, planning, historical and local issues and has a membership of about 600 people. It is served by a voluntary committee that acts in an apolitical manner to help ensure that Merrow retains its present unspoilt and attractive appearance. If you wish to know more about us and what we do please contact the chairman@merrowresidents.org.

If you are not already a member of MRA please click here to see how you can join and pay your subscription.
Members, please contact the secretary@merrowresidents.org with your name and address if you wish to be added to our email list.

Thanks to Clandon Park Garden Centre for planting up the tubs
and the team of residents who gave their time to water and look after them.

Latest Information:

Patrick Robson
Patrick Robson was an active member of the MRA having served as both Chairman and Vice-Chairman died at home on the 31st October 2020 after a long debilitating illness.

Autumn Meeting 2020 – Gillian & Ken Elsom have put together some useful information (references & websites) arising from this meeting for interested MRA members.

Consultation on White Paper ‘Planning for the Future’
MRA’s response to the White Paper “Planning for the Future” 28 Oct 2020

Whilst we are upgrading the “New Look” website, if you need to visit any original pages then please click merrowresidents.org.uk

New car parking restrictions in Hareward Road & Merrow Street.

MRA reply to Issues and Preferred Options Consultation.

Environment report June 2020 on YouTube.

West Clandon Neighbourhood Plan.

Comment on Climate Change, Sustainable Design…..SPD.


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Support Network

Chairman’s message March 2020.

“Minutes of the 2019 Autumn Meeting”.

Privacy Policy.

Merrow Residents’ Association (MRA) exists to inform its members within the community of local issues and events and to represent members’ interests and concerns when necessary. When members provide their personal details on joining or for annual renewal, all such data is in the exclusive possession of the MRA Executive Committee. We have not shared the data with any third party and our reason for any contact with members is for Legitimate Interest only, as described below:-

• Membership Renewal forms sent annually by post.
• Reminder letters sent by post if renewals are unpaid within 12 months.
• “Merrow Life” newsletter sent by post twice per year.
• Email news and events sent periodically, if an email request has been sent to the secretary@merrowresidents.org and an acknowledgement has been received.
The Committee of MRA has appointed a Data Controller and a Data Processor, within its Executive, to ensure all members’ data is stored securely and will not be shared with any third party.
Our members may change their preferences for contact at anytime and will be reminded annually about this.