MRA planning support

MRA provides members with support in several aspects of local GBC planning matters. These include importantly:

  • Providing guidance about GBC’s planning processes, including revising documents, commenting on planning applications and tracking progress.
  • Reviewing submissions of new local planning applications and bringing them to members’ attention.
  • Work with MRA members to actively review, research and comment on planning applications that have a significant impact in Merrow. Support can include providing an experienced MRA speaker for ‘Planning Committee’ meetings.

Notes about the GBC Planning process. Planning applications can be viewed on the GBC website…. 
Any neighbour or interested party can comment through the webpages by following the instructions, or in writing to the Planning Department.

Some information and guidance you might find useful during the process follows:-

  • All Applications are considered by the Case Officer and in consultation with Ward Councillors. You will see that this can take approx. 6 weeks for a decision, although If there are more than 10 comments from the public, the decision may be deferred and put before the Planning Committee at GBC. A new development, not just an extension or rebuild, requires 20 comments for the same deferment.
  • Ultimately, once the decision is made by whichever means, it can only be appealed by the applicant, if refused. Approvals cannot be appealed.
  • All the drawings for any application will be available on the GBC webpages. An approved build must follow the design and drawings. Additionally there maybe be conditions imposed on the build, in the decision letter from the Director of Planning.
  • Once the build commences, it’s always advisable for neighbours to be vigilant whilst work on the build is ongoing. Should any deviation from the approved plans become evident, or the conditions upon it be ignored, then a phone call to the Case Officer is advisable. Upon the completed build, it’s important to be satisfied that is complies with all the drawings. The Enforcement Officer of GBC can be called if there’s any breach of the approved plans or conditions.
  • MRA involvement
    • Members can ask for assistance from the MRA Committee. We will consider whether we should be involved and if there’s any reason for intervention. Each case is different and using the guidance above, hopefully members will feel knowledgable about the process.
    • Members can email the with details of a planning application, which is causing concern.